Social Regulation in Nordic Welfare States

Social Regulation in Nordic Welfare States: The Impact on Employment among Youth from Ethnic Minorities and Youth with Disabilities.

The project asks under which conditions social regulation provisions are most likely to enhance the labour market inclusion of youth from ethnic minorities and youth with disabilities. While Nordic welfare states have a tradition of encompassing redistributive or transfer-oriented arrangements to enhance employability and provide income security during periods outside employment, regulatory provisions to accomplish welfare policy objectives have been relatively less developed. By ‘social regulation’ we basically refer to two kinds of provisions aiming to enable persons belonging to ethnic minorities and persons with disabilities to find and retain suitable employment; (1) legal provisions giving employers possibilities  and constraints regarding hiring and firing, and (2) government-created financial incentive structures for employers. Of particular interest here are provisions aiming to prevent discrimination and/or failure to provide accessible work places and appropriate accommodation, on the part of employers.

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