Dream: Disability Rights Expanding Accessible Markets

The Centre for Disability Studies takes part in the network Disability Rights Expanding Accessible Markets or DREAM which is a training network for Early Stage Researchers funded by the EU Marie Curie Initial Training Network Programme. The primary aim of DREAM is to professionally develop and educate the next generation of disability policy researchers and entrepreneurs to assist the EU and its Member States in their efforts to implement the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities at EU and Member State levels. For more information about DREAM please see www.nuigalway.ie/dream

Fourteen Early Stage Researchers/PhD students have been recruited across the network on a full-time basis over three years (2011-2014) and will explore and develop recommendations for European Union disability law and policy reform in light of the UN Convention. Two researchers/PhD students are hosted at the Centre for Disability Studies at the University of Iceland

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